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Everything you need to best manage your aerospace tail spend.

All your pressing VirtuTrax-related questions answered!
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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want to spend a fortune, how much does it cost to use VirtuTrax?

We don’t want you to spend a fortune either which is why VirtuTrax has flexible pricing plans where the cost depends on the features you need and the size of your business. Contact us to learn more.

I’m very busy, how much time does it take to get set-up?

It really depends on how many supplier data sources you have. If you use a supplier that is already integrated with us, then the process can be completed within a few hours – all we need from you is a bit of information on the number of users you want to onboard.

VirtuTrax services include hands-free setup, where we take care of everything, including migrating suppliers’ data and one-to-one training. Just get in touch and one of our Traxperts can assist you.

Is VirtuTrax compatible with my existing technology or portal?

VirtuTrax plays nicely with others, running alongside any existing tools or portals you already use. Exporting reports to other files is simple and easy. We also make it simple for your suppliers by offering multiple integration channels, so they don’t have to worry their data won’t upload, even if it’s only a spreadsheet. Contact a Traxpert to learn more about how we work with you and your suppliers.

I don’t like to get stuck. If I have questions, can I call your support team any time?

We don’t want you to get to get stuck either. You can send us a message or connect with us anytime by sending an email to

Is my data safe in the cloud?

If anything, your data is actually safer when you store it in the cloud compared to saving it locally. Why? Because in case (knock on wood) something happens to your devices (i.e. you get the blue screen of death or they get stolen) you’ll still be able to access and take control of your information using other devices that can log into VirtuTrax.

  • GDPR Certified
  • SOC2 TYPE 2
  • PCI-DSS 3.0
I want to use VirtuTrax on my tablet or phone; will it work?

Good for you for deciding to use a tablet or mobile-based solution. An increasing number of supply chain professionals are opting for mobile platforms because they’re sleek, portable, and allow you to see ahead and stay ahead of potential disruption.

And yes, VirtuTrax runs great on any device.

I’m not a techie person, will I have a hard time navigating and understanding VirtuTrax?

If you know how to use a computer or smartphone, you will immediately feel comfortable using VirtuTrax. 

And if you need someone to guide you through any step, contact us so we can get you up and running in as little time possible.

I have more than one location, will VirtuTrax work for me?

Yes. VirtuTrax works great for supply chain professionals with multiple locations and it makes it easy to monitor performance across a group of locations or one at a time. To see an example in action, contact us for a quick feature demo.

I’m already comfortable with my current system and processes, is VirtuTrax really a better option?

People who use VirtuTrax never look back.  Users love the software’s user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as its features and supplier integrations.

However, we understand that each business is unique and not all tools may be a good fit for you. That’s why we invite you to take a tour of our software to get a hands-on feel of how it works.  Also, you can always connect with one of our trusted Traxperts for any specific questions or drop us a line at

I like VirtuTrax but don’t know where to start, what should I do next?

Speak with us! We’re happy to discuss your questions or concerns so you can make the right decision. Simplay say

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VirtuTrax Resources

Resource Library Everything you need to best manage your aerospace tail spend. All your pressing VirtuTrax-related questions answered! Can’t find what you need? Send us

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